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Pet Nutritional Counseling in Corsicana, TX


Optimizing nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle for your pet

Because every pet is unique, patients require individualized nutrition plans that meet their specific needs. Together, we can develop a plan that helps ensure your pet is getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy. Whether your pet has a chronic health condition or is simply in need of a dietary change, our veterinary team is here to help.

Why Hill’s is our product of choice

Our staff has been trained and certified by Hill’s Pet Nutrition Company. We recommend Hill’s Science Diets, prescribe Hill’s Prescription Diets, and have sold these pet foods for over 40 years. Hill’s Company guarantees their pet foods to perform as advertised, or you can return the item(s) for a full refund. We feed these diets to our own pets, and we see our patients that are fed these foods routinely remain healthy and active, and their lifespans are extended.

Other nutritional products to consider

At Rogers Animal Hospital we also carry vitamin and dietary supplements to improve or enhance your pet’s health.

We also carry Royal Canin Urinary SO for those cats prone to calcium oxalate stones.

You can also order other Royal Canin foods, should you so desire.