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Euthanasia Services & Pet Cremation in Corsicana, TX


We’ll be here every step of the way.

Saying goodbye to a long-time companion/family member is always difficult. At Rogers Animal Hospital, our doctors and staff work with our clients to ensure their pets’ comfort and dignity.

Pre-euthanasia sedation

We go an extra step during the process that involves sedation of your pet with routine anesthetics. The pre-euthanasia sedation eliminates the patient’s fear response because he/she is completely anesthetized before the euthanasia medicine is administered. Our goal here is to offer the most humane and pain-free situation that we can.

Cremation and memorial options

Pet cremation is a service offered by our hospital. Remains can be returned, if you desire, in a wooden box with an engraved nameplate. Many clients find that cremation is a convenient means for handling a pet’s remains.