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The very best in pet care supplies

In-house pet pharmacies offer a number of advantages for both pet owners and veterinarians. For pet owners, the convenience of being able to fill a prescription for their animal while at the vet clinic is a major benefit. This eliminates the need to make a separate trip to a retail pharmacy or to order the medication online. Additionally, an in-house pet pharmacy is staffed by licensed veterinary pharmacists who are experts in the field of veterinary medicine and can provide pet owners with valuable information and advice regarding their animal’s medication.

Veterinarians also benefit from having an in-house veterinary pharmacy. The ability to fill prescriptions on the spot allows them to provide more timely care for their patients. Additionally, having a licensed veterinary pharmacist on staff can help veterinarians stay current on the latest medications and treatment options available for animals. This can be especially useful in emergency situations where time is of the essence.

Another important role of pet pharmacies is to provide support and services to veterinarians and other animal healthcare professionals. This can include providing specialized medications and other products that are not available through traditional pharmacies, as well as providing information and advice on the use of these products. Pet pharmacies may also be involved in the research and development of new medications and other products for animals.

Our pharmacy is able to compound medications to meet the specific needs of each individual animal. This means that the medications can be tailored to the pet’s weight, age, and medical condition. Our pharmacy is also well-equipped to handle any special needs or requirements of animal medications. In-house pet pharmacies are able to do this on-site, which can save time and money for pet owners and veterinarians. This is particularly important for pets with chronic conditions, as it allows for the most effective treatment possible.

If you have questions about what medications we carry, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help! We offer a well-stocked pharmacy, but if there is a medication we do not carry, we can help you find the right location.

Large animal products

For our large animal clients, we offer highly competitive pricing for vaccines, dewormers, pour-on insecticides, and routine antibiotics such as Penicillin, LA 200®, Nuflor®, Resflor Gold®, Baytril® 100, Micotil®, Excede®, Draxxin®, Zuprevo®, and others.

Specialty products

Many medicines used in veterinary medicine are just not available commercially, and they are very important in the healthcare of your small and large animals. We order these products as needed for specific patients with specific needs from several compounding pharmacies. These products can be invaluable and life-saving in instances where commercial drugs won’t provide a cure. Using these compounding pharmacies allows our team additional tools to provide the excellent care we wish to deliver to all of our patients.