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Our Services

We proudly serve the areas of Corsicana, Navarro County, and beyond!


Providing Exceptional Vet Care to Pets and Their Families

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of services for animals of all sizes at our state-of-the-art veterinary facility. Come see what sets us apart from the rest.

Please note:

  • Appointments are required for DVM exams, dental care, grooming, or surgery.
  • It is our policy to prioritize our patients as follows:
  1. Emergencies
  2. Appointments
  3. Walk-ins – Only accepted for tech appointments if staff is available that day – please call ahead to check.

Additionally, heartworm testing is required to receive heartworm prevention products, Proheart is the best option for a one time injection that covers most intestinal worms as well as heartworms for 12 months.

Internal Medicine & Surgery

Rogers Animal Hospital offers evaluation and treatment for small and large animals covering all areas of internal medicine, including cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, and endocrinology.

The doctors at our hospital are trained to perform routine surgeries, including: 

  • Ovariohysterectomies (spays)
  • Castrations (neuters)
  • Laceration Repairs
  • Forelimb & Hindlimb Amputations
  • Enucleations (eye removal)
  • Tail Docs
  • and many more! 

We also perform the more difficult surgeries, including: 

  • C-Sections
  • Cystotomies (bladder stone removal)
  • Gastrotomies (stomach foreign body removal)
  • Enterotomies and Gut Resection (intestinal foreign body removal)
  • Diaphragmatic Hernia Repairs
  • Umbilical and Inguinal Hernia Repair
  • Thoracic surgeries 

Our Travel Orthopedic Surgeon can repair fractures with intramedullary steel pins and perform bone-plating procedures and other orthopedic surgeries that may result from complex bone fractures. Our patients that require special skills or equipment may need to be referred to another facility for surgery. We have several options for those patients in case we need to do a surgical referral.

Euthanasia Services & Pet Cremation

Saying goodbye to a long-time companion/family member is always difficult. At Rogers Animal Hospital, our doctors and staff work with our clients to ensure their pets’ comfort and dignity. We go an extra step during the process that involves sedation of your pet with routine anesthetics. The pre-euthanasia sedation eliminates the patient’s fear response because he/she is completely anesthetized before the euthanasia medicine is administered. Our goal here is to offer the most humane and pain-free situation that we can.

Pet cremation is a service offered by our hospital. Remains can be returned, if you desire, in a wooden box with an engraved nameplate. Many clients find that cremation is a convenient means for handling a pet’s remains.

Explore memorial options here.

Nutritional Counseling

Our staff has been trained and certified by Hill’s Pet Nutrition Company. We recommend Hill’s Science Diets, prescribe Hill’s Prescription Diets, and have sold these pet foods for over 40 years. Hill’s Company guarantees their pet foods to perform as advertised, or you can return the item(s) for a full refund. We feed these diets to our own pets, and we see our patients that are fed these foods routinely remain healthy and active, and their lifespans are extended.

In addition, we carry vitamin and dietary supplements to improve or enhance your pet’s health.

We also carry Royal Canin Urinary SO for those cats prone to calcium oxalate stones.

You can also order other Royal Canin foods, should you so desire.

Immunization & Preventive Wellness Care Packages

Please note: heartworm testing is required to receive heartworm prevention products, Proheart is the best option.

Dogs and cats have relatively short life-spans and should be examined by a veterinarian every six months for optimal care. Medical conditions and the pet’s health status can change quickly over just a few months, and a veterinarian can identify disease when often it will go unnoticed by the owner.

For dogs, we recommend annual vaccinations, including a one-year Rabies inoculation with DHLPP and Bordetella boosters. We also recommend fecal flotation and heartworm testing as well as monthly heartworm prevention products. Influenza is a seasonal disease for canines, just as it is for people. However, annual vaccinations, regardless of the time of year given, can help protect your pet from this respiratory illness. A vaccine for Lyme disease is recommended for dogs exposed to ticks. Snake vaccine is a must for outdoor and farm dogs.

For cats, we recommend one-year Rabies, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, and Fecal Flotation testing for intestinal worms. We offer FIP intranasal vaccine to protect against Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Heartworms are getting more prevalent in cats, so we recommend heartworm testing annually and heartworm prevention monthly.

Preventive Care Wellness Packages are promoted at Rogers Animal Hospital for dogs and cats. The packages include a physical exam by the veterinarian, annual vaccines, and recommended diagnostics for optimal healthcare. The services, vaccinations, blood, and fecal testing are grouped together and discounted 20% off regular pricing to encourage the pet owner to get optimal care and good value for services purchased. These packages are a win-win situation for the pet and the pet owner who want the very best available veterinary medicine for their animal. If this is your new puppy or kitten’s first visit, be sure to ask about the free samples of puppy or kitten food and heartworm prevention.

Learn more about our labwork packages and how you can save on preventative diagnostics for your dog or cat!

For dogs:

For cats:


Routine grooming is an important aspect of the healthcare of your special friend. A luxurious bath removes dirt, debris, and pet odor, leaving your animal fresh and revitalized. Good pet hygiene removes bacteria, fungi, and other harmful skin pathogens, and promotes healthy skin and hair coats.

Many animals that scratch and itch can get relief from medicated shampoos that contain soothing agents and antibacterial/antifungal ingredients. Our grooming services also include hair cuts, nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.

If our doctors are available, a groom may also include a complimentary exam.





Boarding & Day Care

At Rogers Animal Hospital, your pets are like our children. We feed, nurture, and lavish attention on them, so they can be as comfortable as possible away from home. Our kennel attendants provide tender loving care and playtime to keep them happy and active. We offer temperature-controlled inside kennels for the pets that are used to staying indoors. We also have large outdoor kennels for pets that are more comfortable outside. Pets may be boarded for extended periods for such common occurrences as summertime family vacations or family emergencies.

For the pet that may be lonely or unhappy while you’re at work, we offer day care. Your companion can get the personal attention he or she deserves throughout the day. Day care boarders get the same tender loving care and playtime offered to our longer-term guests.

Pain Management

Animals suffer and feel pain and discomfort under the same circumstances as people do. Recognizing and alleviating pain in our patients is the essence of good care. We have a number of safe prescription medications that have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving actions. Geriatric dogs and cats that suffer from osteoarthritis and other debilitating and degenerative diseases need not suffer. The same holds true for our large animal patients.

Pain management is now a huge item for veterinary standard-of-care expectations.

Digital Radiology & Diagnostic Sonography

X-Rays and Digital Radiographs

X-ray imaging is crucial to evaluate the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems. Digital radiographs are an upgraded version of the old standard imaging processes used in the past. Digital films are of better quality. They are easier for our veterinarians to read and help them make a correct diagnosis. Digital capabilities allow us to email any image in a matter of seconds to a board-certified veterinary radiologist for his/her review. Of course, a fee is charged by the vet-radiologist for his service. But, the fee is very fair, and we can get a second opinion on “hard to diagnose cases.” We know that our care level is elevated by offering these types of additional services that go beyond what most veterinary clinics can offer.


Sonograms are an ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique. Visualization of soft tissue structures such as tendons, muscles, joints, vessels, and internal organs is enhanced by sonography versus using radiographs alone. In addition, we perform obstetric sonograms for pregnancy diagnosis in small animals.


Most pet owners are unaware of the health benefits their animals may receive by simply getting routine dental care. Dogs and cats that do not receive annual teeth cleanings can have (develop) serious periodontal disease in just a few years. Plaque will accumulate under the gingiva (gums), causing infections and loss of bone and teeth. Pet owners will notice a very foul odor that comes from the mouth, and by the time they seek veterinary treatment, a lot of damage can be done. Heart Disease (Valvular Vegetative Endocarditis) can occur from the circulating bacteria that originate from the periodontal infection and then enter the bloodstream and end up doing damage to the heart.

Rogers Animal Hospital uses modern dental equipment that delivers safe ultrasonic teeth scaling above and below the gum line. The dental technicians polish the teeth to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface that is more resistant to plaque buildup. Our doctors will perform tooth extractions (simple or difficult) if they are needed. We recommend annual dentistry for all of our patients. Some patients with serious periodontal disease may require treatments more often. Good dental care, including brushing your pet’s teeth at home, could extend the life of your pet for many years.

Feel free to view the informative video below on how to brush your pet’s teeth at home:

For our equine patients, we offer teeth floating and other routine dental care such as wolf teeth removal.


Our K-Laser™ provides treatment for many types of pain relief, including burns, lacerations, infected wounds, osteoarthritis, ear infections, tendonitis, back and disc disease, hip dysplasia, and other chronic inflammatory ailments. We use K-Laser™ on surgical incisions to speed healing, and it really works!

In-House Laboratory

Rogers Animal Hospital recently invested in a brand new IDEXX Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer and IDEXX ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer. This in-house equipment allows us to perform hematology diagnostics such as complete blood counts and chemistries. These tests can reveal potential issues, including electrolyte imbalances, decreased organ function, anemia, or infection. More importantly, these results are returned within minutes, providing us with the necessary information to treat your pet quickly.

Pharmacy & Animal Health Supplies

Rogers Animal Hospital offers our clients a complete line of animal health products, and our large inventory assures the availability of these items for your convenience. We carry all flea and tick products including Vectra®, Comfortis®, Bravecto®, Cheristin®, Seresto®, Adams™ Flea & Tick Spray, Siphotrol® Plus premise control, Knockout™ Foggers, and Atroban® 11% concentrated yard spray (safe for pets). Heartworm products include Simparica Trio®, Advantage Multi®, and Heartgard® Plus.

For our large animal clients, we offer highly competitive pricing for vaccines, dewormers, pour-on insecticides, and routine antibiotics such as Penicillin, LA 200®, Nuflor®, Resflor Gold®, Baytril® 100, Micotil®, Excede®, Draxxin®, Zuprevo®, and others.

Many medicines used in veterinary medicine are just not available commercially, and they are very important in the healthcare of your small and large animals. We order these products on an as-needed basis for specific patients with specific needs from several compounding pharmacies. These products can be invaluable and life-saving in instances where commercial drugs won’t provide a cure. Using these compounding pharmacies allows us additional tools to provide the excellent care we wish to deliver to all of our patients.