Take a Tour of Our Veterinary Clinic in Corsicana, TX

We are proud to offer hospitals for both large and small animals.


Welcome to Rogers Animal Hospital!

Our facility was built in 1980 but has recently been remodeled, enlarged, and updated. Our small animal hospital covers approximately 7,500 sq. ft. including the reception area, exam rooms, grooming areas, kennels, and surgery suites. The large animal hospital has been doubled in size to 7,200 sq. ft. of covered treatment and hospitalization stalls. We have two hydraulic cattle squeeze chutes, with one of the chutes that tilts large size cattle on their side for feet, leg, and hoof surgeries, hoof trimming, and taking radiographs of lower limbs of Rodeo Bulls and other expensive bovines. Our equine stocks are safely designed for easy handling of horses.

We love our new surgical suite. It’s finally finished with three new surgery tables and lights, a recovery room, and treatment/isolation rooms to prevent transmission of highly contagious diseases such as parvovirus and distemper. If you would like a tour of our new additions, please call and schedule with Allison.