Have Fun with Your Pet This Winter

Winter weather can be a bore for your pet, but don’t fret! The following fun interactive games and toys will add some much-needed excitement to their exercise routine. Keep boredom at bay and let the good times roll with these indoor activities sure to have them beating the winter blues in no time.


#1: Create a wish list for your pet to guide gift-giving

As the holidays inch closer, your dear family and friends are likely to indulge your pet with a plethora of toys and treats. Guide them towards items that will bring both stimulation and joy for your cherished companion. Some ideas include:

  • Food and treat puzzles
  • Interactive toys (e.g., robotic mouse, ball launcher)
  • Long-lasting chews
  • Stuffable treat holders
  • App-controlled treat dispensers


To keep your pet engaged, rotate their toys daily or weekly – this will also help you identify which items they prefer. By introducing more of these favorites into the mix, you can avoid Winter ennui and guarantee hours of fun for them!


#2: Design an indoor agility course

Don’t let the gloomy winter months keep you and your furry family member from getting some exercise! Create an indoor agility course with furniture, objects, or toys that’ll give your pet a mental challenge as well as physical activity. Even cats can be trained for short circuits inside the house where they can jump through obstacles and weave around poles. With this unique skill-building experience, you’ll be sure to help them steer clear of unwanted pounds in no time at all!


#3: Craft homemade treat puzzles

Is food one of your pet’s greatest joys in life? If so, it can be tempting to toss them tons of extra treats in the winter to help entertain them. However, obesity can develop quickly from those additional calories. Transform your pup’s snack time into an enjoyable activity by crafting a treat puzzle! Instead of buying expensive commercial products, you can create one using common items such as cardboard boxes and tubes, crumpled paper, plastic water bottles, fabric scraps etc. Get creative with recyclable materials while providing hours of engagement for your four-legged buddy!


Letting your pet become bored during the winter months can have serious consequences – excessive grooming, inappropriate elimination and a variety of medical and behavior issues can arise due to inadequate physical & mental stimulation. Don’t let this happen! With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can keep them entertained until outdoor conditions improve. Contact our team for help.