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Pet Immunization & Preventive Wellness Care in Corsicana, TX


A win-win for you and your pet!

Our Preventive Care Wellness Packages at Rogers Animal Hospital offers a bundle of services for dogs and cats that saves our clients 20% off regular pricing, which means your pet receives the very best care while you can put away a little money aside for a rainy day.

Please note: heartworm testing is required to receive heartworm prevention products. Proheart is the best option for a one-time injection that covers most intestinal worms as well as heartworms for 12 months.

The importance of regular care

Dogs and cats have relatively short life spans and should be examined by a veterinarian every six months for optimal care. Medical conditions and the pet’s health status can change quickly over just a few months, and a veterinarian can identify disease when often it will go unnoticed by the owner.

Dog preventive care

For dogs, we recommend annual vaccinations, including a one-year Rabies inoculation with DHLPP and Bordetella boosters. We also recommend fecal flotation and heartworm testing as well as monthly heartworm prevention products. Influenza is a seasonal disease for canines, just as it is for people. However, annual vaccinations, regardless of the time of year given, can help protect your pet from this respiratory illness. A vaccine for Lyme disease is recommended for dogs exposed to ticks. A snake vaccine is a must for outdoor and farm dogs.

Cat preventive care

For cats, we recommend one-year Rabies, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, and Fecal Flotation testing for intestinal worms. We offer FIP intranasal vaccine to protect against Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Heartworms are getting more prevalent in cats, so we recommend heartworm testing annually and heartworm prevention monthly.

Wellness packages

Preventive Care Wellness Packages are promoted at Rogers Animal Hospital for dogs and cats. The packages include a physical exam by the veterinarian, annual vaccines, and recommended diagnostics for optimal healthcare. The services, vaccinations, blood, and fecal testing are grouped together and discounted 20% off regular pricing to encourage the pet owner to get optimal care and good value for services purchased. These packages are a win-win situation for the pet and the pet owner who want the very best available veterinary medicine for their animal. If this is your new puppy or kitten’s first visit, be sure to ask about the free samples of puppy or kitten food and heartworm prevention.

Labwork packages

Learn more about our labwork packages and how you can save on preventative diagnostics for your dog or cat!