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We highly recommend the following:

Pre-anesthetic blood testing: Like you, our greatest concern is the wellbeing of your pet. Some conditions, including disorders of the liver, kidneys, and blood, are not detected unless blood testing is performed. Anesthetic agents are processed through the body by the liver and kidneys. Any disorder regarding these organs can increase your pet’s anesthetic risk. For this reason, we highly recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing to place your pet in the lowest possible anesthetic risk category. Results are immediately available, and you will be notified in the event of abnormal results.

I understand that while the anesthetic used in this hospital is one of the safest used in veterinary medicine, NO anesthesia is without medical risks. I have been explained this by the staff at Rogers Animal Hospital, and I understand that no guarantee can be made legally or ethical to me on the outcome of any procedure performed.

I have held my pet off his/her food for the last 10 hours.